Sisal rug is made of all-natural fiber made from agave sisialana plant which common in Central America. Sisal fiber is very durable and strong however it is also sensitive to moisture. Sisal rugs are not delicate to clean because their natural structure makes the dirt to rest loosely in the weave, but it could be tricky due to its sensitivity to moisture. It is not advisable to leave spot on sisal rug for too long because it would cause the damage to be permanent.

On cleaning the all-natural sisal rug, always refer to manufacturer’s cleaning instruction first for proper cleaning and care. Regular maintenance of sisal rugs is very important to reduce the chance of staining. The following are practical tips to improve your cleaning method.

For Liquid:

Blot any liquid spilled onto the sisal with a clean, dry cloth immediately, the longer the liquid stays on the fiber the harder it is to remove. DO NOT rub the liquid into the fabric because it can seep deeper into the fibers and can also spread the liquid to a larger area. Apply force straight down and hold until the cloth is saturated or the spill is cleaned. Do not pour any kind of liquid cleaner or water on your sisal rug.

When most of the liquid is absorbed, sprinkle a small quantity of absorbent powder, let it stay for about 1-2 minutes, brush off the residue and then vacuum.

For Dried:

With the use of wooden knife, scrape away dried materials that stick to the rug. Since sisal fiber is sensitive to moisture, NEVER apply water or any liquid because it would only further the damage, unless of course it is absolutely necessary.