Is it nice to go home with clean floors? Who doesnt want clean floors? How should I clean floors easily? Ill answer all your queries in your mind in time.

Floor cleaning could be a daunting task especially to people that have hectic schedules nowadays. Every type of floor has different techniques or methods to clean them properly. Some floors can be easily kept free of scratches and dirt. While some floor design needs more special attention to clean them. It just really comes down to what type of floor do you have to determine if it can be easily maintained or not. Here are the easy steps you can follow to clean and polish any floor type you may have:

First floor type is the brick floors. Brick floors are porous material which need to be first sealed with commercial sealer and solvent-base wax. Overtime you have to remove the wax build-up on the brick floors by using a scrub brush with wax-stripping preparation. If the brick floor is already sealed then you have to clean your floors by adding a cup of vinegar in a pail of water. Then you have to soak your mop into the pail. After soaking it for a couple of seconds then removed the damp-mopped from the pail and start mopping your floor.

Sealing concrete floors is important so that you only need little cleaning on it. If its unsealed then vacuum or sweep the dirt. Then use a strong all purpose cleaning solution then soaked your mop in that solution.

Slate floor is cleaned through a use of a damp-mopped soaked with an all-purpose cleaner.

A durable and good floor type in your home are the terazzo floors. This type of floor is cleaned through the use of a damp-mopped that has been soaked with an all-purpose solution and then the floor is dried with a clean towel.