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Clean Well Janitorial Service is a professional eco-friendly cleaning service you can trust. We aspire to provide you and your family with the safest, healthiest living environment possible.The theme of going ‘green’ is gaining widespread popularity but their use in cleaning applications has been greatly overlooked. It is our objective to make people aware of the benefits and effectiveness of eco-friendly cleaning. Hence our eco-friendly cleaning services use all natural and non toxic products. We aim to reduce our customer’s exposure to toxins and irritants as well as ensuring a safe and healthy environment for our employees.

Eco-friendly cleaning has considerable health benefits especially ideal for those with children, pets, allergies, chemical sensitivities, respiratory problems, or any health or environmentally conscious individual.

So pick up your phone and call us or simply drop us an email now…Let us take care of your cleaning chore and give yourself more quality time to spend with your loved ones in a safe and healthy environment! So, call us now 646-739-2766 get your home clean and healthy.